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Major Changes In Walk-In Medicine

Retail clinics, urgent care clinics, fast track emergency services,work-site clinics, telehealth and direct primary care services are converging to create major challenges for strategic planning executives at health systems and large physician groups.  We call this ConvUrgentCare®.  Let us help you sort out your strategic options.


You can read all about the walk-in medicine market in Merchant Medicine’s ConvUrgentCare® Report. The report is offered exclusively to walk-in clinic operators and our sponsors. It includes a monthly feature article about the industry, a table showing the top urgent care and retail clinic operators, as well as short news items.  Send us an email at info@merchantmedicine.com or call us at (651) 483-0450 and we will add you to our distribution list.

Register to attend our annual strategy symposium and you will receive the market report automatically.  Please see the Meetings and Seminars link on this web site for more info on the symposium.

Examples of ConvUrgentCare® Consulting Services 

Comprehensive Strategic Planning -- A large health system, with hospitals, multispecialty practices and a large primary care network in the Great Lakes region has only limited walk-in access for its patients.  Merchant Medicine helped sort out their strategic options from retail clinics to urgent care to worksite clinics.  We designed a new walk-in model, and identified the best locations for new walk-in clinics.  Built into the model will be telehealth, worksite care, near-site care and direct bill arrangements with employers.

Competitive Analysis  and Planning -- A large health system on the East Coast has an urgent care presence but faces strong competition from a private urgent care operator.  This system doesn’t just want to compete; they want to leapfrog the competition.  Merchant Medicine provided strategic options, including partnerships, joint ventures and outsourcing.  We also facilitated introductions and discussions, and helped create a new vision within the health system on how to compete at the low-end of the acuity spectrum as a means of strengthening their market position.

Location Analysis -- A large academic medical center in the South operates a limited number of urgent care clinics, but wants to expand their presence amid growing competition.  Merchant Medicine facilitated a strategic planning process involving multiple team members, leading to a list of strategic options.  The result was a plan for new locations, including an analysis of the available market, competition, potential and cannibalization of existing practices.

Demographic Analysis -- A large pediatric hospital and clinic system is interested in acquiring an urgent care practice in a very competitive market.  Merchant Medicine helped the system with a process for estimating the available market of walk-in visits using a 5-, 10- and 15- minute drive-time demographic analysis.  The process helped the system better understand the value of the potential acquisition, as well as the competitive strength of other operators in the market.

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