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You can read all about the walk-in medicine market in Merchant Medicine’s ConvUrgentCare® Report. The report is offered exclusively to walk-in clinic operators and our sponsors. It includes a monthly feature article about the industry, a table showing the top urgent care and retail clinic operators, as well as short news items.  Send us an email at info@merchantmedicine.com or call us at (651) 483-0450 and we will add you to our distribution list.

Register to attend our annual strategy symposium and you will receive the market report automatically, plus the detailed breakdown of retail clinics by operator, state, metro area and hospital system. Please see the Meetings and Seminars link on this web site for more info on the symposium.

Industry News

Health Leaders - Retail Clinics as Competitors or Partners? - April 2013 

USA Today/KHN -- Walgreens/Take Care Primary Care Services - April 2013 

Bloomberg News -- Walmart Clinics Trail - February 2013 

Chicago Medicine -- Urgent Care Explosion - February 2013 

National Public Radio--Hospitals Invest In Urgent Care - November 2012 

Supermarket News -- Healthy Signs for In-Store Clinics - September 2012 

American Medical News -- Retail Clinic Grow in Popularity - August 2012 

Washington Business Journal -- Target Steps Into Virginia Market With Four New Stores - August 2012 

LA Times -- In-Store Clinics Look To Be Remedy For Health Care Law Influx - July 2012 

Wall Street Journal -- Find Care on Vacation - June 2012 

Wall Street Journal -- Walmart Limps Behind in Health Clinic Race - June 2012 

NPR Health Blog -- Convenience and Efficiency Fuel Boom in Retail Clinics - June 2012 

American Medical News -- CVS Retail Clinics Expand - January 2012 

New York Times -- More Health Clinics Pop Up Inside Retailers - January 2012 

Kaiser Health News -- Health Law May Accellerate Growth in Urgent Care - December 2011 

Kaiser Health News -- Walmart Wants To Be Nation's Biggest Primary Care Provider - November 2011 

American Medical News: Retail Clinics Struggling to Find Their Place - March 2010 

Wall Street Journal: Retail Health Clinics Move to Treat Complex Illnesses, Rankling Doctors - September 2009 

Walgreens Leads Growth in Retail Clinics - December 2008 

In-Store Health Clinics' Popularity Grows - October 2008 

ACHE Healthcare Executive -- Retail Clinics: Joining the Game - September 2008 

Sarasota Herald Tribune -- Retail medicine - August 2008 

MSNBC - In-store health clinics battle perception issues - August 2008 

Fox Business - Retail Clinic Slowdown - August 2008 

Star Tribune (Minneapolis/St. Paul) -- Some walk-in clinics closing after boom - August 2008 

US News and World Report - Where to Turn for Immediate Medical Care - August 2008 

Tacoma News Tribune -- Multicare Express an experiment in health care - July 2008 

Medical News Today -- Massachusetts Insurers To Cover Retail Clinic Visits - July 2008 

Chicago Tribune -- In-store clinic growth slowing - July 2008 

American Way -- Doctor’s Office Rebellion - July 2008 

Chicago Tribune -- FTC: Clinic rules not what doctor ordered - June 2008 

Wall Street Journal - Health clinics inside stores likely to slow growth - May 2008 

AMA Resolutions Prior to Nat’l House of Delegates Meeting - May 2007 

AAFP Desired Attributes of Retail Clinics - June 2006 

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