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The Latest Knowledge in One Place

One characteristic of any emerging market is that the latest data is scattered in many locations: telehealth conferences, worksite conferences, retail clinic conferences, urgent care conferences.  Merchant Medicine brings together key insights from all of these markets into digestible and practical forms.  Join us at one of our meetings or ask us about providing a seminar at your location.


You can read all about the walk-in medicine market in Merchant Medicine’s ConvUrgentCare® Report. The report is offered exclusively to walk-in clinic operators and our sponsors. It includes a monthly feature article about the industry, a table showing the top urgent care and retail clinic operators, as well as short news items.  Send us an email at info@merchantmedicine.com or call us at (651) 483-0450 and we will add you to our distribution list.

Register to attend our annual strategy symposium and you will receive the market report automatically.  Please see the Meetings and Seminars link on this web site for more info on the symposium.

Three-Day ConvUrgentCare® Strategy Symposium 
Scottsdale, AZ Jan. 26-28, 2015 

The 7th Annual ConvUrgentCare Strategy Symposium will take place January 26-28 at the Scottsdale Resort and Conference Center in Arizona. This conference has become one of the most popular gatherings for walk-in medicine leaders because it is the only venue where you can gain a holistic view of just about every venue of care: primary care, retail clinics, urgent care, work-site care telehealth and emergency medicine. Join the industry innovators, both on the stage and in the audience.  Registration will open on August 1. 

One-Day Advanced ConvUrgentCare® Seminar 
Puts Your Leadership Team On The Same Page 

This one-day seminar is for organizations with a certain degree of urgent care and retail clinic knowledge but is looking to coalesce that knowledge into a walk-in medicine strategy and business plan for the next 10 years. The seminar takes place either at your site and covers retail clinics, urgent care centers, and even fast tracks for primary care clinics.  We profile major operators and retailers and highlight why many retail clinic operators have failed.  We compare revenue sources and insurance participation for different walk-in approaches.  We’ll also look at a single clinic proforma exercise and break-even analysis, market saturation analysis, and day-to-day operating realities. On-site seminars are customized to your geographic and business circumstances, including analysis of local competition, retail options, market saturation analysis, population, demographics and high-level insurance reimbursement analysis.  The on-site seminar fee is $5,000 plus expenses. Click here for a full description.  Contact us for scheduling at (651) 483-0450 or email info@merchantmedicine.com.

“Merchant Medicine delivered a customized day-long seminar that really gave us the background we needed to develop a solid strategy. I liked the fact that they gave us the tools we needed to analyze our own market situation rather than charging an additional consulting fee to do it for us.” -- Jennie Rhinehart, Community Hospital, Tallassee, Alabama

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