Are you working off the right data in making that decision?  Do you have creative people involved who have lived the demands of a walk-in healthcare world?  Are you connected to a community of innovators? 



Merchant Medicine, LLC was founded in 2007 to serve the strategic and operational needs of the on-demand healthcare sector.  Merchant Medicine is a thought leadership platform: we deliver confident, decisive monthly reporting and track operator unit data on an on-going basis to keep us at the front of the market.  We primarily serve health systems and in select cases we have expanded to support private equity, research, and healthcare-related interests as pertains to the on-demand sector.

The biggest challenge in strategic planning is getting to that “Go/No-Go” decision. By working with Merchant Medicine, you and your team will develop strategic instincts that help you gain advantage in an increasingly competitive walk-in world.  Other firms may be good at consulting, but they don’t offer the data, insights, community or on-the-ground experience in the walk-in medicine space that we do.  Other consulting firms come to us for our data.  They come to us to for our monthly reports.  They will offer you their latest crop of MBA’s.  We will offer you deep insights with personal experience on what drives competitive advantage.  



The success of Merchant Medicine is rooted in its creative, innovative, and experienced team. 

We are always interested to meet talent that may complement our team.  An effective Merchant Medicine team member will bring fresh thinking, respectfully challenge assumptions, and contribute perspective without being asked.  We look for a combination of operator instinct, leadership talent, and consulting acumen.  We expect honesty, integrity, and the ability to self-start.  If you believe you are a good fit, please get in touch –