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Tom Charland - Connecting the Dots on a Five-Year Plan

Tom Charland’s Presentation Evaluation

Allan Baumgarten - Moving Toward Value Based Care Or Not – A Look at the Moving Parts Influencing Health Plans, Providers and Employers

Allan Baumgarten’s Presentation Evaluation

Tammy Mallow – Alarms Going Off on Urgent Care Reimbursement

Tammy Mallow’s Presentation Evaluation

Michael Pisani – What the Transaction Landscape Tells Us About the Current State of Urgent Care and Multispecialty Service Lines*

*Michael Pisani’s presentation will not be available for download

Michael Pisani’s Presentation Evaluation


David Sanders, MD – From Urgent Care to Regional ACO, How On-Demand Medicine can Play in the Value-Based World*

*No presentation slides

David Sanders’ Presentation Evaluation

Adam Stavisky – One Large Employer’s View of New Contracting Models*

*Adam Stavisky’s presentation will not be available for download.

Adam Stavisky’s Presentation Evaluation

Mai Pham, MD – A Look at Shifts in What Payers and Employers Want

Mai Pham’s Presentation Evaluation

Tianna UmannBlockchain in Healthcare, It’s Already Happening Under the Radar

Tianna Umann’s Presentation Evaluation

Karen Horgan – Behavioral Economics, The Latest Disruptive Innovation*

*Karen Horgan’s presentation will not be available for download.

Karen Horgan’s Presentation Evaluation

Eric Hamborg – Patient Coaching and Support – Threat or Opportunity for Primary Care

Eric Hamborg’s Presentation Evaluation

Charlie Ireland, DO Taking Workflow Out of the Dark Ages through Leadership, Culture and Common Sense

Charlie Ireland’s Presentation Evaluation

Verlinda Henshaw – How to Think from an Employer’s and Employee’s Perspective

Verlinda Henshaw’s Presentation Evaluation


Bernie Kuhn - Rapid Center Development - Using a Triple Net Lease to Break Out of the Heath System Pace of Real Estate Development

Bernie Kuhn’s Presentation Evaluation

Breakout Discussions: Employer Services, Leadership, and Telehealth

Breakout Discussions Evaluation

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