At Merchant Medicine our singular focus is helping hospital systems and large medical groups compete at the highest level with their on-demand medicine service lines.  We call this space “ConvUrgentCare®,” the converging operating strategies and tactics for low-acuity medical services, including primary care on-demand, convenient care (retail clinics), urgent care, work site clinics and telehealth.  Most ConvUrgentCare strategies and tactics are aimed at increasing access, shortening wait times, improving customer service and promoting price transparency.  Taken together, all of these segments represent a mass market that will be critical as population management and at-risk contracts proliferate.  Senior executives must consider all of these market segments holistically or risk disruption.



The success of Merchant Medicine is rooted in its creative, innovative, and experienced team.  We look for a combination of operator instinct, leadership talent, and consulting acumen.  Please get in touch – team@merchantmedicine.com

What Makes Us Different

  • Consulting – Every healthcare market is different and we've been helping health systems and medical groups improve the on-demand medicine experience since 2007.  Our work covers the space from executive alignment and strategic planning to doors-open and management services.  See more about our consulting services.
  • Data – No firm collects more data about the walk-in medicine space than we do.  With solid data, decision making is strengthened.  See more about licensing our data.
  • Publishing – Solid data enables us to identify trends before anyone else, and we publish those trends and data for our clients in a monthly market report.  Our clients are always the first ones to see breaking trends in the walk-in medicine industry.  See more about our monthly market report.
  • Community – By linking together our continuous learning through consulting, data collection and news analysis, we are able to create a community that culminates each year at our annual ConvUrgentCare Strategy Symposium in Scottsdale, AZ.  It is a community of the best and most progressive thinkers in the on-demand medicine market.  See more about our annual symposium.


The Merchant Medicine team has a depth of experience in the field of on-demand medicine unrivaled by other consulting firms.  All of our consultants have experience both in the private operator world and the hospital world.  Our proprietary competitor database and advanced market assessment methodology are not available anywhere else.  We are innovators deeply involved in the on-demand community with a primary focus on collaborating with health systems and large medical groups who must compete head to head with disruptive forces in this space.