About Us

Our Expertise

Over the past decade, we have seen the management of low-acuity care become a growing priority for both health systems and large medical groups. It is a large market that, if managed with a retail and hospitality mindset, can serve as a gateway to bring new patients into the system, increase or protect market share, boost overall patient satisfaction, and serve as a change agent for an entire organization. 

Primary care as we know it has never seen more competitive pressure, with numerous disruptors challenging the traditional model: retail clinics are beginning to practice chronic disease management, urgent care clinics are starting to act as medical homes, employers are opening worksite clinics with full primary care and specialty care services, telemedicine remains a mixed success story, and network development partnerships abound. At the same time, consumerism in healthcare is on the rise, with patients demanding convenience, transparency and customer service.

Meet Our TEAM

The Merchant Medicine team has a depth of experience in the field of on-demand medicine unrivaled by other consulting firms.  All of our consultants have direct leadership experience in the private operator and the health system world. 

The success of Merchant Medicine is rooted in its creative, innovative, and experienced team.  We look for a combination of operator instinct, leadership talent, and consulting acumen. Interested in joining our team? Contact us.