Our speakers are hand selected each year around themes that require fresh thinking and strategic reflection. For 2020, we think that puts Customer Experience (CX) design and execution at the forefront of on-demand medicine. This year is about creating competitive advantage through CX, looking at some of the best examples, both inside and outside the healthcare industry. On-demand models, like urgent care, retail clinics, consumer telehealth, primary care on-demand, and custom employer clinics have exploded in the last five years. Now, consolidation for scale and greater sophistication are needed. The impact of CX across healthcare is being noticed, with many organizations now comparing their on-demand operations to other parts of the organization. Many routinely include Net Promoter Score or emphasize measures related to CMS Star ratings. This year’s symposium will give special attention to the following issues:

  • What will the front door to healthcare look like five years from now? Will it be a segmented approach - the right care model designed to the patient? Or will it be a “one-size-fits-all” traditional practice? A redistribution of acute episodic cases has forced health systems to evaluate potential impact on ambulatory assets.

  • What are the smartest minds doing around CX measurement, and how will this affect reimbursement and employee engagement? What is the best approach to deliver “a great experience” to the customer/patient/member?

  • Where are private equity firms placing their bets now? What changed?

  • Many organizations have a consumer-facing telehealth platform. The vast majority struggle on volume, CX measures, and overall ROI. Should it be run as an extension of urgent care, or something generic, bolted on to a health plan? What are the strategic players doing? How are quality and outcomes measured and managed?

  • Does the urgent care-primary care hybrid represent a solution for the patient? Despite it being a headache operationally, this hybrid is a time-tested model for vertically integrated organizations and is driving improved margins in the on-demand space. Are MedExpress, CVS, Kaiser Permanente and others breaking new ground in this hybrid space?

  • How much is it worth to deliver top-quartile performance versus just being average? Does your organization know how the patient’s experience is going to deliver results? Looking at both the hospitality as well as healthcare sectors, how are massive organizations investing and delivering top-quartile performance?