November 2014: Medical Management – Is it in the Future of Urgent Care Medicine

Much has been written, both in this publication and many other journals, about how the employer market will drive a significant portion of the “profitable” health dollars going forward.  We have written about near-site clinics and direct primary care as potential ways for urgent care clinic operators to engage more fully with employers.  

In this article, we will explore another potential category of services that a walk-in clinic operator could offer: medical management.  On the surface, this new category seems like a stretch for the typical urgent care clinic.  But there are a number of reasons to give it serious consideration, and if done correctly, the new services would more than just become a significant new revenue stream.  For a hospital system operator of urgent care services in particular, it would create significant competitive advantage and lock up a potential market for downstream services.  But as this article explains, there is a lot that the urgent care operator would have to do first,  including a significant change of philosophy from feefor-service to health promotion and cost containment...

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