December 2016: 2017 ConvUrgentCare Strategy Symposium

All of a sudden, low-acuity has become strategic for health systems and large medical groups. It is a mass market that, if managed with a retail and hospitality mindset, can become a “funnel” for bringing new patients into the system, increasing or protecting market share, boosting overall patient satisfaction and acting as a change agent for the entire organization. Since 2008, this conference has gathered healthcare strategy and business development leaders whose focus is on the increasing “retailization” of low-acuity medical care.

Although there is a tremendous amount of attention on primary care today, this sector has never seen more competitive pressure. Retail clinics are beginning to practice chronic disease management; urgent care clinics are starting to act as medical homes; employers are opening worksite clinics with full primary care and specialty care services; 2017 may be a breakout year for telemedicine; and network development partnerships abound. At the same time, consumers are demanding convenience, price transparency and customer service. This is convergence. This is convenience. This is ConvUrgentCare.

Intended Audience
People who attend this event view walk-in medicine and employer solutions as a space that touches the greatest number of individuals in any given service area. As such, it is the most effective mechanism for pulling people into their system, both in the short term for acute episodic illnesses and injuries, and for longitudinal primary care. In other words, it represents a mass market of consumers who are vital to the survival of hospitals in a world moving to population health management. Also, we invite executives from large independent urgent care operators, payers, investors and researchers to attend to further build a dynamic experience and sense of community. By keeping the size of the meeting small, this highly interactive conference gets high marks for the amount of cross-learning that takes place.

What is ConvUrgentCare?
The term ConvUrgentCare (pronounced convergent care) captures the converging spaces of primary care, urgent care, retail clinics, employer worksite, near-site and occupational health clinics, as well as telehealth. Our call to health systems when approaching strategic planning – and in planning our agenda -- is to look at all of these spaces holistically, rather than as individual service lines and ask how they can work together to solidify your competitive advantage and reach the greatest number of 2017 ConvUrgentCare Strategy Symposium individuals. The walk-in/on-demand healthcare platform is a network in itself, and that network can serve as the foundation for driving transformation across payers and providers.

Why Attend?
The purpose of the gathering is to harness the best ideas for a long-term strategy that increases patient access and convenience, lowers costs and improves quality. It is the only conference with an integrated view of retail clinics, urgent care, worksite clinics, virtual medicine and primary care. The symposium is highly interactive, using a combination of case studies and discussion panels. To promote interactivity and networking, the number of attendees is limited and there is one concurrent session...