Since 2007, Merchant Medicine has brought innovative methodologies, tools and benchmarking data to the forefront of on-demand medicine engagements, helping hospital systems and large medical groups compete at the highest level with their on-demand medicine service lines. From concept to doors-open for consumer-centric, on-demand service lines, we collaborate with health systems and large medical groups so they can effectively compete head to head with the various disruptive forces in this space.


  • Executive Alignment and Competitive Assessment – Are your C-suite and Board on the same page? Do you face a competitive threats and market shifts? Do you know where and how to grow?

  • Available Market and Planning – How many annual visits are there in your market? Investment level required from a capital budget and timing, through to “doors open”?

  • Governance and Ownership Structure – Do you have the right people and governance to drive success?

  • Interim Leadership – Do you need interim experienced “change agent” executives to drive results?

  • Joint Ventures, Mergers, and Integration – When should a health system get into a joint venure? How to evaluate and/or exit a joint venture? How to acquire and successfully integrate to achieve synergies? How to make it work across your organization?

  • Cross-Service Line Expansion: How to grow Primary Care Integration (primary/urgent care model), Emergency Department/Primary Care Shift Patterns (in-system referral model), Employer Services, Physical Therapy, and related Ambulatory Expansion goal setting?

Operational & Financial

  • Operations Diagnostic – Are you profitable? How well do you perform compared to top national operators on a benchmark basis? Managed care rate structures, compensation, volumes, and other key metrics in-line? How much are which opportunities work in your operating model if fixes were implemented?

  • Clinical and Technology Workflow - Is your practice management and Electronic Medical Record (EMR/EHR) built for performance and optimal efficiency? Do you have patient scheduling and queuing integrated across web/mobile, call center, walk-in, and payers?

  • Customer Experience - Are you measuring the right things that matter to patients, payors, and your care delivery team? How do you describe “high performer” in customer satisfaction terms, and what does that mean?

  • Organizational Development – Do you have the right person/job fit, personality and culture design, and other key criteria to deliver the desired patient/customer experience? Did you purposefully design staff models, recruitment strategies, assessment tools, leadership development, and other human elements?

  • Marketing – If patient volume is critical to success, how is your marketing playbook built and funded? Is your marketing budget delivering patients with verifiable return on investment (ROI)? What should a mix of digital, traditional, and field-based marketing resources ideally look like? How do you integrate sophisticated workflow, patient queuing, customer experience, and key measures into driving new and repeat visits? Do you have a “kit” for grand opening and ongoing marketing using consumer analytics?

Real Estate Development

  • Site Identification and Design Services – Do you know where to put new centers and how to optimally design for best practices and investment efficiency? Drive time radius and catchment areas? Trade-offs with co-location versus stand-alone, what service lines go well together, payor mix implications, signage and many other factors that drive top-tier operators?

  • Expert Development – How do top-tier operators rapidly build efficient, cost effective sites through an accelerated commercial build-to-suit development model with a triple-net (“NNN”) lease? How do they avoid huge capital outlays and focus instead on getting “doors open” quickly? How to capture volume discounts and rapid market build-out?

  • Integrated Services – Is it possible to get a suite of Merchant Medicine services - clinical and operational design, sites, marketing, managed care, and other expertise, bundled into a Lease structure? Do you have a team that can deliver from idea to board approval to “doors open” in 6-12 months? Is your team “on demand” or a full time suite of expensive resources?

Telehealth & Managed Care

  • Telehealth Solution Evaluation – From strategy to implementation, is this your team’s first telehealth project and do they need structure/advice? Do you know what these vendors and solutions should actually cost to implement, and what the return on investment is? What is actually working versus theory?

  • Technology Integration – Does your telehealth suite(s) integrate to/from your enterprise chart? Billing/patient management? Are the workflows between systems implemented to deliver high performance, or do they struggle on customer experience? On a telehealth visit, can the patient be “dropped into” a local urgent care or other site seamlessly?

  • Managed Care Cross-Product Solutions – Can your health system’s telehealth solution be packaged and integrated into separate payer-sponsored telehealth for health insurance members? How and what would this look like if the health system’s telehealth assets can be integrated into health plan design? Where should members be pre-registered and promoted between payors and providers?

  • Managed Care Alignment – How can health systems with urgent care, retail, telemedicine, employer solutions, and related on-demand services better integrate to health plan partners? Where are investments needed, and how to streamline to drive member (patient) satisfaction and related regulatory requirements (CMS Stars, etc.)? How to improve volumes and/or rates by meeting plan needs and moving toward partnership?

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