Our Services

Since 2007, Merchant Medicine has brought innovative methodologies, analytics and expertise to the forefront of on-demand medicine consulting, helping health systems, medical groups and private equity-backed operators perform at the highest level.

Merchant Medicine is the expert in consumer-driven healthcare. Through our various work over the past decade, including working with J.D. Power and payer clients, we know that improving healthcare starts with the providers. The on-demand healthcare business is strategic, profitable, and requires depth in customer experience design, market scale, and sophisticated consumer-facing technology. Please contact us to set up a time to learn more.


  • Executive Alignment and Competitive Assessment

  • Market Analysis and Planning

  • Joint Ventures, Mergers, and Integration

  • Cross-Service Line Expansion

  • Primary / Urgent Care Hybrids

Performance Improvement

  • Operations Diagnostic and Margin Improvement

  • Managed Care and Network Design

  • Interim Leadership and Mentoring

  • Customer Experience (CX) Performance

  • Quantitative Marketing

Real Estate and Market growth

  • Site Identification and Design Services

  • Clinical and Operational-Driven Facility Design

  • Expert Turn-Key Development and Capital Preservation

  • Accelerated Market Entry

Consumer Telehealth

Also see our Analytics overview. Our CX work, Telehealth, Market Analysis, Operations Diagnostics, and other capabilities are grounded in the data sets we separately license.