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Benchmark Report


Unmatched expertise in urgent care operations

Merchant Medicine has partnered with the Urgent Care Association (UCA) to produce the annual Benchmark Report. This includes the proprietary Merchant Medicine urgent care and retail clinic rankings that we used to sell directly to private equity and health systems, as well as new Digital Audit and Saturation Index sections.

For anyone making important decisions in the urgent care and related on-demand sectors, comparing performance to a third-party benchmark is essential to understanding where your operation is today and what “top-quartile” performance can look like. It provides almost 200 benchmarks across the last several years with trended data. It includes operational assessment of urgent care operator practices, differences in operating models, and numerous functional domains such as facility, demographics, structure, hours of operation, visits, integration, staffing, compensation, benefits, technology, marketing, coding, services offered, services details, revenue, expenses, billing, compliance, certification/quality, and others. Purchase the UCA Benchmark Report here.

ConvUrgentCare® Market Report 

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With over 5,000 Subscribers Across Health Systems and Private Equity

Since 2007, each issue of the ConvUrgentCare® Report includes a feature article from the world of consumer-driven on-demand medicine. Contact Us to begin receiving this report.

Retail Clinic and Urgent Care Database


Custom Data Licensing, Geospatial and Research Services

Merchant Medicine clients gain fresh insight into the on-demand healthcare world through a number of data collection initiatives. We license this data to clients ranging from academic researchers to the largest pharmacy chains. Merchant Medicine tracks retail clinic and urgent care operators in the United States, including geo-coded addresses, hours of operation, phone numbers, ownership, postal delivery attributes, CBSA, census tract, block group attributes and open/close dates. We license this data annually. Contact Us to learn more.

Consumer Preferences Report

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What actually drives consumers in the on-demand world?

Download the Consumer Preferences Report - Patient & Customer Perspectives on Walk-In Medicine: A Merchant Medicine Research Report conducted by Sparks Research and sponsored by DX Marketing. Key take-aways include the idea that consumers will select a health system affiliate over a private operator, except where expectations around convenience aren’t met.